Retail Management Internship

The Love’s retail management internship program is an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience performing various team member and manager duties over the course of two, 10 week summer sessions. This experience will develop students into working professionals with the end-goal of offering students an entry-level management position after successfully completing the program and earning of their 4-year degree. 

Love’s takes the time to invest not only in the students, but in their futures. The internship program focuses on fostering collaboration, leadership and inspiring entrepreneurship that creates a platform for many full-time opportunities. 

This rapidly growing program provides opportunities for students in multiple areas of the business to receive employee level experience, not just busy work.

Participants are required to be current junior or senior class standing at their education institute. 
Additional internship opportunities are available with Love’s family of companies.

Over the course of the summer, Love’s interns also participate in the following activities:

Level 1 (Summer 1)
Focus on introducing the intern to the culture and will train with District Manager, District Merchandising Manager, Area Restaurant Manager and District Truck Care Manager.
This allows intern to learn about varies areas of the business.
Intern will complete SWOT analysis on location.
Intern will also be given recommended reading material to help improve business acumen and leadership skills.

Level 2 (Summer 2) 
Focus on understanding the complexity within their location.
Intern will shadow District Manager for a day, train 1 week in Truck Care and learn about management roles within different areas.
Intern will create a Training Improvement Plan and P&L challenge.